Month: August 2022

The Taj mahal is one of the eight wonders in the world. Tajmahal is located in Agra on the right bank of Yamuna River in India. It was built by Mughal Badshah Shah Jahan (1628 to 1658) in the memory of his wife mumtaj. Mumtaj Mahal was most loved one wife of shah Jahan. It […]
Shimla is a hill station. It is capital of Himachal Pradesh. In past, it was summer capital of British government. Shimla is famous for its cool climate, hills. It is surrounded by deodar and oak trees and beautiful hills. Shimla is called queen of Hills. ┬áIt also famous for old buildings. Vice regal Lodge, Iron […]
Ma Baleshwari Temple Dongargarh. Dongargarh is a famous for Ma Bamleshwari Temple. It is a city under rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh. Dongargarh is a small city surrounded by green nature. People of Dongargarh use Chhattisgarhi and Hindi languages. Ancient name of Dongargarh is Kamakhya nagari. Dongargarh is famous for Bamleshwari Mandir situated on the top […]
Hazara falls is a famous fall in Gondia district in Maharashtra and CG. Hazara fall is a small fall but very beautiful. It surrounded by forest of darekasa.Tourist click all the beautiful views in their camera. Thousands of people comes to enjoy in Rainy and winter season. From August to January people arrives here. How […]
Panchmarhi is a beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh India. The name of panch marhi means five caves. it is said that pandav made these caves when were exile. Some people believes that Buddha saints made this caves. The caves are at height [point of a hill.  Now these days, a beautiful garden found near […]