Havelock Island Tour

Havelock Island is asia’s best island in india. It is located in Andman & Nikobar of India. It also called by the name Swaraj Dweep. You will find that place is really much beautiful than all. Beautiful beaches and green environment attracts tourist. Havelock is about 90 km away from Port Blair. You can easilly get flights and accommodation in Havelock. Radhanagar beach, Kala Pathar beach, Govind Nagar beach, Chidiya Tapu beach, Elephant beach and more places are to view. Sunset, Sunrise, Dead Corals Cristal cleared blue water scences are famous here.The best time to visit is October to April.

Havelock Island Tour

How to reach Havelock?

The best way to go is by air. Tourist can get flight from Direct Delhi to Port Blairs, Mumbai to Port Blairs and other airports. From port blairs it is away about 70 to 90 kilometers. The most suitable way to rwach Hevelock is by Ferry. Ferry will get you easilly. There are Three types of ferry Goverment, Greean Ocean and Makruzz which of them Govt. Ferry is available in affordable cost and easilly. It takes 90 minutes to go from Port blair to Havelock Island. By You will see beautiful scence from ferry too.

Attractions of Havelock Island

To explore Havelock minimum 5-6 days are good. There is much to see and enjoy. Scooter is available to hire and visit places.

Sunset of radhanagar beach is famous. Also sunrise, Dead Corals, Marvelous reef and Cristal clear Blue water are attract us. Street Foods and diiferent variety of recipes are to taste.

Tourist can enjoy activities like Scuba, Sea diving, boating, snorkelling etc.

Stay to Havelock Island

Havelock Island Beach Resorts, Ocean Tree Resorts, Coral reef Hotel and Resorts, Jungle Villa, Flying Elephant Resorts and many more are welcomes tourist.

So if you are thinking to visit an island then this is one in Andman in India.

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