Lumbini Nepal places to visit

Lumbini Nepal places to visit. Lumbini is holiest place of Buddhism. Lumbiini is birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Siddhartha Buddha was born in 623 BC in Lumbini at garden of lumbini when Maharani Mayadevi was visiting near Trees. Lumbini is located in Nepal, Kapilvastu. 1.5 million Visitors visit annually lumbini from all over the World.

Some site points are listed below.

In Lumbini Various monasteries and temples built by many Buddhist country, Maya Devi temple and garden museum, parks are tourist places.

Maya Devi temple

Maya Devi temple is very holy place because this is the place where Lord Buddha was born. In 1896, when archeologisist found a wooden temple and a pillar of Asoka. Pillar of Asoka was build when Asoka was visited tis place. They discovered that in pillar of Asoka clearly written that this is the birth place of Buddha.  

Maya Devi Pond

Beside Maya Devi temple Maya Devi pond was made at that time. Its structures square shape. Its name is Maya Devi pond. This pond used by Maya Devi to take bath at that time. When Buddha was born his first bath ceremony was happed in Maya Devi pond.

Bodhi Tree

A huge peepal tree name Bodhi tree is also an attraction of the branches of the tree coloured flag tighten by people. People chanting and meditation under the Bodhi tree. People came here to pray and worship Bodhi tree.

Lumbini Nepal places to visit

Beside these many temples and monasteries built by different countries according to their culture and arts.

They are Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Germans and more. You will find beautiful temples and architecture of different countries at one place. So people came here to visit these all temples.

How to reach

It is situated near Gorakhpur from 155 km away. Tourist may reach by air from Bhairwaha Airport.

By train lumbini is nearest from Gorakhpur and from Gorakhpur tourist may reach lumbini by vehicles.

By Road from Bhairhawa and Gorakhpur trowels available.

Where to stay

There are hotels and resorts in Lumbini to stay. Luxury and budget hotels are available in Lumbini. Some of best hotels list shorted and given below.

So Lumbini a tourist place of mons, pilgrims and Buddhism followers where thousands of tourist visit in all seasons. I hope the post is useful for tourist. is a travel guide to get information of Lumbini.

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