MSCIT Practice Test

MSCIT Practice Test is online. MKCL is a organisation that runs computer courses in maharashtra and other state of india. MSCIT is one computer course of them. The full form of mscit is maharashtra state certificate in Information Technology.

MSCIT Practice Test

Maharashtra State Certificate of IT is a computer basic course. MSCIT course is compulsory for apply in some government job. It is useful for private job too. The course is available in all authorised institute of computer. In this, computer basic is includes in the course. Theory and Practical both teaches in mscit. System and Application software, Hardware, networks, Database, communication channels and Internet are chapters in theory syllabus. MS Office suite application like ms word, ms Excel, powerpoint, Access and Outlook are in the syllabus in practical.

MSCIT Practice Test Or MSCIT Mock Test

Anyone can get Admission in mscit, because it is a basic computer skills course. Duration is 2 or 3 months. Every month after completion of duaration exam taken online. If you are a learner and want to achive more marks then work hard. For learners, we develop a online practice test exam. Without any sign up or regristration learner may take the test. Question selected from syllabus. It is easy to understand.

Example of question are listed below. What type of computers, Desktop, laptop, tablet computer and mobile device? which are the common types of files?what is the other name of laptop? what is network?LAN means ? What is software? So you can try this Mock Test Online free on web.


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