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Q.1. You can use mouse to open application from computer.Option:True False Q.2. Desktop, laptop, tablet computer and mobile device are …….Option:Super computer Personal Computer Mini Computer Main Frame Computer Q.3. A financial budget would be created in what type of data file?Option:Document Worksheet Presentaion Database Q.4. Four common types of files are document files, worksheet files, database files, & presentation files. Option:True False Q.5. The internet is largest ……………the worldOption:Computer Network Application Website Q.6. Employee record including names, social security, numbers and related information would typically be stored in type of files.Option:Workbook Database Document Presentations Q.7. Using the Internet, you cannot listen songs online.Option:True False Q.8. With the help of Internet, you cannot watch movie, listen song or play games.Option:True False Q.9. The most common way to access the Internet is throughOption:Mobile Browser Internet Service Providers DSL Q.10. You want to build your own professional web page. You will be able to create web page by using……Option:Paint JavaScript Google Notepad Online Test Computer Question 2020 Q.11. Which of the following are a well-known web browser?Option:Facebook MS Word MS Excel Google Chrome Q.12. Attachment to e-mail message can be document or an image.Option:True False Q.13. Every day you receive e-mail message from unknown sender what is he term type of security threatOption:Junk Antivirus Spam Freind Q.14. Parent can use these type of program to block access to selected website. Option:PlugIns Filter Antivirus Driver Software Q.15. Program that automatically Start are Known as Option:E-commerce Poweroint MS Word Plug-ins Q.16. This Social networking site is used for professional, business, oriented networking.Option:Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram

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Q.17. Which of the following is a website specially designed to allow visitors to use their browser to add, edit or delete the sites contents?Option:Google Wiki Pinterest Instagram Q.18. If you want to make friends and discuss topics with each other, which website you may refer toOption:Twitter FTP LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Q.19. Linked In is a social networking site that you should visit if you are looking professional employment Option:False True Q.20. You want to purchase a mobile phone or FlipKart, the activity is called……. Option:Social Bookmarking e-Commerce E-Learning Reading

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