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Q.1. R I S C Means reduce instruction set Computer. Option: True False Q.2. Socket, slot and buslines are components of system board. Option: True False Q.3. Which type of memory has feature of both RAM and ROM. Option: Compact Disc Flash Memory Catche Memory Secondory Memory Q.4. RAM is type of Volatile memory. Option: True False Q.5. ROM is type of Memory. Option: Volatile Non- Volatile Temporary Chip Memory Q.6. Sockets, Slots and buslines are components of Motherboard. Option: True False Q.7. Ergonomic is type of Keyboard. Option: True False Q.8. Working of Mouse and Trackball are different. Option: True False Q.9. Foolowing are Toggle key, Except. Option: Function Keys Special Keys Numeric Keys Navigation Keys Q.10. Mouse point of desktop is called…….. Option: Key Pointer Arrow Pointer Display Pointer Cursor Pointer

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Q.11. CD-RW Means? Option: CD Read CD Recordable CD Rom CD Rewritable Q.12. Monitor is a output device. Option: True False Q.13. CD-R Means? Option: CD Reciever CD Run CD Recordable CD Readable Q.14. CD ROM Means? Option: CD Reritable Compact Disc Read Only Memory Compact Disc Run One Memory None of these Q.15. What is the meaning of HD printed on Disk. Option: two side Low Density Two Side high defination To High density Two side high Density Q.16. To measure printers resolution use…… Option: DPM API DPI None of These Q.17. RAM Means? Option: Read one memory Random access Memory Random once memory Read or memory Q.18. CPU is located on…………..chip. Option: Bios Port Slot Microprocessor Q.19. Secondary storage is Volatile. Option: True False Q.20. Dot Matrix Printer is create noise and work slowly. Option: True False

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