Tally ERP 9 Online Mock Test

Tally ERP 9 Online Mock Test for learner of account. Tally is an accounting software. It is created in 1986. Tally is used in India and abroad. It is easy to use and understand. In current time Tally version 9.0 is in market. Manual accounting is lengthy and takes time. Today accounting is done in computer.
Tally is a popular accounting software. Speed, accuracy and Consistency are the main feature of Tally ERP 9. Balance sheet, P & L account, Ratio analysis and stock summary is create automatically. You can get print from voucher. In tally you learn how to make payment, receipts and contra voucher entry. Also learn purchase, sales, credit note, debit note and journal Voucher entries.

Tally ERP 9 Online Mock Test

Some Questions are

The alias feature allow you to refer a ledger either by the name or alias.What is the Keyboard shortcut key to change period?What is the Keyboard shortcut key to activate accounting feature?Inventory Information contain the detail of Inventory Masters. To Activate the Inventory Features the keyboard shortcut is…..To go to Company Info. The shortcut key is…..For viewing Advanced Configurations in Tally the F12 key should be press twisted.To make a payment entry you should select accounting voucher and press F5 key from keyboard?For Receipts Entry the shortcut key from the keyboard is…..What is the shortcut key to open journal entry voucher.To open Contra Voucher the keyboard shortcut key is……For Sales Entry, we have to press F8 key on the keyboard in accounting voucher.

In India 6, 50000 business are using this. Retailing, Services, Manufacturing and Trading Business tally’s popularity is increases. All school and private Institute teaches Tally because it is necessary for commerce students to understand accounting in computer too. For preparation and knowledge an online test created. Anyone who is interested may give this test online. It is easy and simple to start. No sign up or login needed to start this. Just check the given link and start the Tally Online test.

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