TALLY ERP 9 Practice Test

TALLY ERP 9 Practice Test Set 3 Q.1. Enable Additional cost of Purchase, to record additional cost on purchased.Option:True False Q.2. When items in the purchase invoice have the same unit of measurmentyou should use appropriate by………Option:Quality Quantity Price Value Q.3. The current rate of exchange is the ……. rate in Tally.Option:Standard Buying Selling None of these Q.4. If you Deposit money, You will record this transaction on Contra Voucher. Option:True False Q.5. If you Purchase Goods, which Voucher you use to record this transaction.Option:Contra Voucher Purchase Voucher Sales Voucher Reciept Voucher Q.6. If you Sold Goods to customers,you need to record this transaction in………..Option:Payment Voucher Sales Voucher Purchase Voucher Reciept Voucher Q.7. Ctrl + N is the Shortcut key to enable Calculator.Option:True False Q.8. Ctrl + M is the Shortcut key to Disable Calculator.Option:True False Q.9. Which of these is show the fianancial status of a firm ?Option:Profit & Loss Account Trial Balance Balance Sheet Day Book Q.10. Which of these is used to the list of primary and secondary groups in Tally?Option:Inventory Books List of Accounts Cash/Funds Flow Statutory Reports Tally Test Question Q.11. Data Backup files for Multiple comapnies are stored in ……Option:Directory Server Destination Source Q.12. Stock Journal is used to record the Transfer of Material from one Godown to anather.Option:True False Q.13. A…… is a summary of all ledger balances.Option:Balance Sheet List of Account Trial Balance Day Book Q.14. To open rejection in voucher the shortcut key is …… Option:Alt + F5 Ctrl + F6 Alt + F7 Alt + F8 Q.15. Record the money recieved from debtors.Option:Credit Notes Purchase Journals Reciepts Q.16. By default the Tally .NET autorised in the capacity of an……..who has restricted access to the comapany data. Option:Auditor Data Entry Operator System Administration All of Above Q.17. Which Adjustment method is used when you do not know which bill need to be adjusted with money? Option:New Ref. On Account Advanced Against Ref. Q.18. You Should Enable which of these if error 16004 keeps operating?Option:ODBC Server FTP HTTP log Connection Time Out Connect to Tally.NET serverrunning on not HTTP Port Q.19. Alt + T will allow to enter subtitle of the balance sheet reports?Option:False True Q.20. The Bill Settelment option is used to settle selected or allbills from the list of bills displayed in the ……….report.Option:Stock Summary Outstanding Receivable Payable

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