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TALLY QUESTIONS ERP 9 PRACTICE SET 1 Q.1. Tally ERP 9 is a Accounting Software.Option:True False Q.2. What is the Keyboard shortcut key to open Company Info.?Option:F1 Alt + F3 F4 F2 Q.3. What is the Keyboard shortcut key to select company?Option:Alt F2 F1 F2 F3 Q.4. Acounting is the process of systemetically recording & classifying and summarizing the financial information. Option:True False Q.5. To shut Company the keyboard shortcut is…..Option:F1 Alt + F1 F6 F5 Q.6. To create Ledger the shortcut key is…..Option:Ctrl + C Alt + C Alt + D Alt + P Q.7. You need to create a new group for the Direct Expenses ledger in Tally.Option:True False Q.8. Inventory Information is contained the detail of Inventory Master.Option:True False

Q.9. The pre defined Cash ledger comes under the group.Option:Fixed Asset Bank Account Cash in Hand Direct Income Q.10. what is the shortcut key to delete the Ledger.Option:Ctrl + I Alt + D Alt + A Alt + B Tally Test Question Q.11. To Change the Date the keyboard shortcut key is ……Option:F5 F4 F3 F2 Q.12. Manual accounting is require lot of man power compaired to the computerized accounting.Option:True False Q.13. To create Stock Item direct from voucher the shortcut key is …..Option:Alt + A Alt + B Alt + C Alt + D Q.14. To create Stock Group direct from voucher the shortcut key is …… Option:Alt + G Alt + C Alt + D Alt + E Q.15. To create Stock unit direct from voucher the shortcut key is ……Option:Alt + P Alt + D Alt + M Alt + C Q.16. To activate the Feature in Tally ERP 9 the shortcut key is ……Option:F12 F6 F11 F9 Q.17. What is the Keyboard shortcut key to Configration in Tally?Option:F10 F12 F11 F8 Q.18. Which of these accounts are types of Incomes & ExpensesOption:Cash Account FTP Real Account Bank Account Nomainal Account Q.19. Tally Solution was founded in the year of 1986.Option:False True Q.20. Whare the Help Option display in Tally ERP 9?Option:Vertical Menu Bar Horizontal Menu Bar Gateway of Tally Voucher Entry Screen. These are important questions of tally. You may practice of these Tally Questions.

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